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Your Medicare expert will get to know you and your personal healthcare needs. We work exclusively with recipients of Medicare and Tricare for Life, so we know the inner workings of both systems, and most importantly, how they work together.

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Stories from Your Fellow Veterans

We can't tell it any better than the people who have experienced the benefits of Medicare Advantage in their own lives.

We've helped hundreds of Veterans who were in your shoes. They had the same questions and concerns, but they took a leap of faith, and never looked back once they saw that Medicare Advantage really did work with their Tricare for Life, and gave them extra benefits and more money in their Social Security – all at no extra cost to them.

“I added a Medicare Advantage plan to my Tricare for Life”

Medicare Advantage works with Tricare for Life, not against it. Medicare Advantage is still Medicare, which is your primary and pays first, and Tricare for Life is still your secondary payer, which pays for all copays, coinsurance and costs left over. It works just like Original Medicare.

“It's no BS!”

Rick is happy to have a plan that reduces his Part B premium. Many Medicare Advantage plans offered to Veterans will reduce their monthly Part B payments, which Veterans must pay to keep their Tricare for Life active. What many Veterans dismissed as “too good to be true,” Rick is benefiting from and encouraging you to consider.

“The Programs work great and I love them”

Aside from receiving more money in her Social Security check by reducing her monthly Part B payment, she now has dental, vision and hearing coverage that came with her plan at no cost.

“It's no BS!”

Veterans have it good with Tricare for Life, so there is often an assumption healthcare benefits can’t get better. We encourage Veterans on Medicare and Tricare for Life to research their options on and Let us help you find a plan!


What is Medicare Advantage?

We can help you keep all the benefits you have and love, plus get you extra coverage – AND it’s all for less than you’re paying now.

We know, that sounds too good to be true. But for once, this is the real deal. We scoured every private insurance plan from every insurance company, and we found the plans that work best for Veterans.

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I agree to terms & conditions provided by the company. By providing my phone number, I agree to receive text messages from the business.

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