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Uncle Sam’s Healthcare is a team of independent Medicare Advantage brokers who represent all Veteran-focused Medicare Advantage plans found on Medicare.gov. Most medicare agents work directly for a single healthcare provider, incentivized to promote that specific company’s plans. We represent all the plans to help you make an informed decision about your healthcare.

Veterans With Tricare For Life

Most Medicare Advantage agents deal with Veterans infrequently and are not versed in the intricacies of Tricare for Life. At Uncle Sam’s Healthcare, we specialize in Veteran healthcare and understand these variables. We discuss plan options around Veteran needs.

Our Team

John Blackburn

John is a Veteran with over 20 years of service. John knows firsthand how confusing the healthcare system can be for a Veteran. He understands the importance of keeping Tricare for Life and VA access. He became an independent healthcare broker to help his Veteran community save money and receive more benefits.

Uncle Sam's Healthcare team member John Blackburn
Uncle Sam's Healthcare team member Joshua Lee

Joshua Lee

Josh spent his early years working politics. Josh diverted into healthcare when he learned how to better serve his country by promoting healthcare benefits for the Veteran community. Now Josh has helped many Veterans gain access to healthcare that fits their financial and healthcare needs.

Jake Tripp

Jake started his insurance journey working elsewhere, but felt unfulfilled. When he learned about how to help Veterans gain better access to benefits, often with no additional cost, he made the switch. Jake now feels fulfilled in doing a service for those who have served our country.

Uncle Sam's Healthcare team member Jake Tripp
Uncle Sam's Healthcare team member Derek Bodily

Derek Bodily

After studying marketing at BYU, Derek has decided to use what he learned to help veterans understand their healthcare options. He’s a proud uncle to 21 nieces and nephews, and treats everyone he meets like family.

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I've been told I do not need additional medical insurance?

Insurance companies have created Medicare Advantage plans to meet the needs of our Veterans. These plans are designed to work with those who have Tricare for Life. These plans will work with any of your current VA benefits. If you already have a supplemental health plans like dental, you can keep it if you’d like or drop it to save more. It’s up to you!

What happens to my Medicare?

Medicare will pay insurance companies to manage your Medicare benefits. When you enroll into a Medicare Advantage plan, that plan will become your primary insurance plan. These plans are approved to do so by each state’s health insurance commissioner, who is appointed by the governor.

What happens to my Tricare for Life?

Tricare will continue to be your secondary coverage. It coordinates benefits with the Medicare Advantage plans like it does with Medicare. Tricare for Life is a wonderful benefit for those who have served our country for more than 20 years. We applaud your service to our country!

Is my spouse eligible for these benefits as well?

Yes, if your spouse has Medicare Part A, Part B, and Tricare for Life, they are also eligible for these same specialized plans. Spouses with Tricare for Life often do not have VA access. In this case, additional benefits similar to the VA can also be accessed by your spouse. Even if your spouse does not have Tricare for Life, we can still counsel on a plan that’s right for their needs.

Will I lose any benefits?

No. Medicare Advantage plans have to cover everything that Medicare covers. You will not experience a loss in coverage. The reason most elect to have a healthcare company service their Medicare over the government are for the extra benefits and savings found with these plans. Health insurance carriers want to incentivize you to select their plan by giving you more health benefits than you are getting with original medicare.

Can I keep my doctor?

Yes you can! It is important to work with one of our trained advisors to make sure you select the right plan. Some plans can limit your doctor choices, where others will give you the same open access you enjoy today. Therefore, it is important to speak with an independent Medicare Advantage broker who represents all the plans. This way you can find the plan that’s best for you across all health plan carriers, instead of just one company’s plans.

This sounds too good to be true, what's the catch?

Sincerely, there is no catch. Insurance companies can manage your Medicare dollars better than the government can, and they pass those savings onto you in the form of better benefits. Let us walk you through the process, so you can better understand how Medicare Advantage plans can be useful in navigating the healthcare landscape for those over 65, or on disability.

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